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Allan Langdale, "History and Hybridity in the Trapeza Church near Famagusta, Cyprus," Journal of the Cyprus Historical Society, (2014): pp. 37-70. This version has low res black and white images. For high quality colour images click here.



Allan Langdale, “Pillars and Punishment: Spolia and Venetian Authority in Famagusta,” in Lusignan to Venetian Cyprus. The Harbour of All this Sea and Realm, N. Coureas, T. Kiss, & M. Walsh eds. Central European University Press, Budapest, Medievalia Series, 2014, pp. 159-167.



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Allan Langdale, “Notes on the Marginal Sculpture of the Cathedral of St Nicholas, Famagusta” in Medieval and Renaissance Famagusta, M. Walsh, N. Coureas, P. Edbury eds. (Ashgate: London, 2012): 93-113.




Allan Langdale, “At the Edge of Empire: Venetian Architecture in Famagusta, Cyprus” Viator: Medieval & Renaissance Studies 41, n. 1 (2010): 155-198.





Allan Langdale, “The Architecture and Mosaics of the Basilica of Agia Trias in the Karpas  Peninsula, Cyprus,” Journal of Cyprus Studies 15, n. 37 (2009): 1-18.



Allan Langdale & Michael Walsh, “The Architecture, Conservation History and Future of the Armenian Church in Famagusta” Chronos 19 (2009): 7-29.



Allan Langdale & Michael Walsh, “A Report on Three Newly Accessible Churches in the Syrian Quarter of FamagustaJournal of Cyprus Studies 13, n. 33 (2007): 105-123.





Allan Langdale, “Through the Green Fuse: the Photography of Robert Buelteman," EMAA Art Journal 4 (September, 2006): 94-113.




Allan Langdale, “Aspects of the Critical Reception and Intellectual History of Baxandall's Concept of the Period Eye,” Art History 21, n. 4 (Dec., 1998): 479-497. Reprinted in About Michael Baxandall, ed. Adrian Rifkin (London: Blackwell, 1999): 17-35.




Michael Baxandall

Michael Baxandall

Michael Baxandall

Interviews with Michael Baxandall

Allan Langdale, “Interviews with Michael Baxandall,” Journal of Art Historiography  1 (Dec., 2009) .




Michael Baxandall

Michael Baxandall

Linguistic Theories Giotto and the Orators

Allan Langdale, “Linguistic Theories and Intellectual History in Baxandall's Giotto and the Orators,” Journal of Art Historiography  1 (Dec., 2009) .




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Hugo Munsterberg on Film: The Photoplay, a Psychological Study and Other Writings

Please note that because of copyright issues with the publisher I am not able to include here my introduction to the Routledge Munsterberg book. The book may be purchased on Amazon. Click here.