Cyprus Flowers

Wrinkle Rose

Sculpture Studies

Museo Nazionale Naples Oct 27 2014 (118)

Martorana, Palermo

The dome of the church of the Martorana, Palermo, Sicily

Art Pompeii

Museo Nazionale Naples Oct 27 2014 (88)

Seville Scenes

Bridge in the Plaza Espana, Seville

Spain and Portugal

A Gallician man talks with his hands in a sidewalk café in Santiago

Istanbul Museum

Istanbul Scenes

A textile in a market in Istanbul

Sanliurfa, Turkey

A boy selling simits in the old city, Sanliurfa

Achtamar, Turkey

Acht Amar May 8 2015 (263)


Ani, near Kars

Ani May 10 2015 (167)


Eski Kahta, Turkey

Arsemeia Nemrud Dagh Eski Kahta May 4 2015 (352)


Nemrud Dagh, Turkey

Arsemeia Nemrud Dagh Eski Kahta May 4 2015 (282)


Petra, Jordan

 The 'Monastery', Petra


Diyarbakir Walls

Here is one of the southern sections of the walls.


Butrint, Albania

Ancient Greek, 5th century BCE walls of Butrint, with enormous polygonal stone blocks perfectly fitted to one another.


Soumela Monastery

This view gives you a sense of how inaccessible the location was. Even today, it's a long bus ride from the Black Sea city of Trabzon to get to this protected site in the mountains. The monastery seems to hang from the cliffs, as if part of the geology of the place.


Mithuna or Loving Couple on the Kandariya Mahadeva Temple

Chalukyan Temples



Mandu’s Marvels