Travel Writing


Allan Langdale, The Hippodrome of Istanbul / Constantinople: An Illustrated Handbook of its History (2019). The book is available in paperback  from Amazon.

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Allan Langdale, Palermo: Travels in the City of Happiness. Art, Architecture and History in Sicily's Ancient Capital (2015). The book is available in both e-book and printed paperback  from Amazon.



In 2007 I made, with Dan Frodsham, a documentary film on the remarkable and little-known city of Famagusta in Norther Cyprus. We called it The Stones of Famagusta: the Story of a Forgotten City and it came out in 2008. The film is the story of the city's dramatic rise and fall from the 13th to the 16th century is told through the town's extraordinary historical architecture, which includes Gothic churches (some turned into mosques), Ottoman baths, and the city's legendary fortification walls. If you are interested in purchasing a DVD of this award-winning film ($12.99 USD, which includes shipping in US) contact me at



The Ghosts of Famagusta (2013) is an article I wrote on the history of Famagusta since the partition of Cyprus and on the political and institutional impediments confronting those who are interested in the conservation of art and architecture in the city. The article focuses on the efforts of Michael J. K. Walsh, who has instigated several projects for the conservation of medieval frescoes and the gothic churches of Famagusta.