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Welcome to 1-City 1-Week Tours!

The concept of 1-Week/1-City Tours is simple: in-depth explorations of great cities, but allowing a maximum amount of freedom. You take care of your own air-fare and hotel, I'll provide detailed itineraries. Free time will be built into the schedule so new options can be explored. Tours will go with 4, with a maximum of 6, providing flexibility. Click on the pictures below for itineraries, or suggest new ones by e-mailing me: Florence, Rome?

A Week in Palermo with Allan Langdale: May 7-14, 2019

Welcome to One-Week / One-City tours! Spend a week in the storied city of Palermo, Sicily with the author of Palermo: Travels in the City of Happiness (2105). The date for 2019 is May 7-14. Includes day trips to Cefalu and Monreale, with potential day trip to Agrigento, depending on clients' wishes. Contact me for details. Click on the image on the left to download the .pdf of the itinerary and a description of the trip.

A Week in Istanbul with Allan Langdale: Nov. 10-18, 2019

Istanbul is one of the world's most remarkable cities and the capital of two successive empires--the Byzantine and the Ottoman. Join me in an adventure in urban historical exploration; see Hagia Sophia, the world's most famous church, the Basilica cistern, the remains of the ancient hippodrome, and the wonders of the Blue Mosque among many other sights! Ride the ferries from Europe to Asia! It's one of the best times to visit Istanbul as there are fewer tourists. Dates for 2019 are Nov. 10-18.

A Week in Naples with Allan Langdale: April 15-23, 2018

If you love Italy and you haven't spent time in Napoli you're in for an amazing treat. This one-week art and archaeological adventure, staying in Naples, includes day trips outside of the city to Pompeii, Herculaneum, Sorrento, and the incomparable Greek temples at Paestum. Naples itself is without doubts one of Italy's gems, including the National Museum where the treasures of Pompeii are displayed. We have 5 people and have room for 1 more! April 15-23, 2018!

A Week in Venice with Allan Langdale: Nov. 10 to 18, 2019

Venice is perhaps the world's most engaging historical city. Nowhere can you wander among wonders of the past and get such a clear idea of the way things were centuries ago. Venice is another world, and its artistic and architectural monuments are everywhere accessible. Explore this city in a series of magical urban walks with an expert on the city and its many secrets! The date open for 2019 is Nov. 10-18, after the crowds have left.